UAE airport security: Banned and permitted what to carry in your own baggage

UAE airport security: Banned and permitted what to carry in your own baggage

Dubai: watching airport security throw away the products are discouraging. But you can save your self most hassle by understanding every principles and packing your own luggage correctly. Flight terminals posses policies set up about what you’ll be able to and cannot pack within checked in luggage together with your cabin baggage once you traveling.

Should you decide to search from the UAE, it can be hard to bear in mind just what items you can and may not deliver onto airplanes or into your checked in luggage.

Choosing your bag

All bags put into UAE flight terminals should have at least one flat working surface. Circular and unpredictable shaped parcels may not be accepted at check in. The case should alsona€™t posses an extended strap.

You can examine in rectangular baggage, a purse with a set base or any container, providing its enclosed properly. If for example the case dona€™t has at least one flat working surface or perhaps is irregularly designed and oversized, it’ll be immediately refused at check-in.

Inspected in baggage

According to Dubai flight terminals, an optimum two bits of luggage are allowed for worldwide trips, making use of the full weight not exceeding 32 kg. But this definitely varies by flight and fare sort. Constantly be sure you consult with your airline before you decide to fly. Baggage larger than 90 cm long, 75 cm large and 60 cm wide, or that does not have just one flat working surface, will need to be examined around on oversized baggage counter because it wona€™t end up being accepted in the requirement dimensions luggage scanning gear.

Hands baggage

Often air companies accept two items of hand luggage. a neck bag such a handbag, laptop bag and backpack, together with a small cabin case. Cabin baggage must have an optimum duration of 56 cm, distance of 45 cm and degree of 25 cm such as all handles, side pouches and tires.


In a keep on:

Nowadays the limitation on fluids is actually universal, although enforcement of the rules can vary from nation to nation.

In UAE airports, all liquids ought to be stuffed inside a definite, re-sealable synthetic case, inside your give baggage. Them cana€™t be much more than 100 ml therefore the utter of all your items cana€™t exceed one litre.

Conditions: treatments, kid whole milk and food and unique diet requirement to be utilized throughout the trip.

In a checked in bag:

Loading drinks is possible in every volumes into checked in handbags. Airport safety dona€™t enforce any restrictions on fluids on inspected handbags. Should you bring drinks to your checked luggage, the only real focus are guaranteeing the bottles and bins dona€™t start and leak into the bag.

Suggestion: Unscrew the covers of your own containers and cover with saran place before screwing the best again on. This helps avoid spillages.

Based on Abu Dhabi practices, each traveller is actually permitted to bring a maximum of 4 litres of alcoholic drinks or one carton of hops when going in to the UAE.


The UAE helps to keep a close eye on revenue laundering and suspicious financial strategies, as a result guests traveling are meant to declare whether they posses a large amount of cash to them.

a€?All incoming and outbound individuals, that happen to be 18 decades and above, should declare the income they have a€” whether in profit, cheques or valuable necklaces a€” if they’re really worth more than Dh60,000,a€? Dubai Customs stated on August 29.

Any profit had by individuals, who happen to be lower than 18 yrs old, are included with exactly what their particular guardians carry, the expert said.

You can easily declare funds and items easily online. Dubai Customsa€™ a€?iDeclarea€™ wise software simplifies the traditions clearance process for travelers by allowing self-declaration of these must-declare commercial merchandise, individual impact, or profit either pre, or post-arrival from the airport, reducing the energy necessary for that to significantly less than four moments.

Exemptions for gift suggestions

In August the authority clarified, a€?The exempted items include individual gifts with a property value optimum Dh3,000, Dunder casino bonus codes cigarettes (max 400 tobacco), cigars (optimal 50 cigars) and cigarette (optimum 500 grams). Things above these prices try at the mercy of traditions obligations.a€?

To be exempted from paying practices projects, presents should-be for personal rather than commercial needs which will be chose on the basis of the advantages as well as the quantity of the products carried onboard.

In accordance with UAE government it is possible to actually import a certain maximum of delicacies for non-commercial purposes. For instance at the most:

a€? 20 kg of yoghurt

a€? 50 litres of petroleum (including olive-oil)

a€? 10 kg of numerous types of fruits and vegetables

a€? 10 kg candies and bread

a€? 30 kg of grains, cereals and red meat

a€? 10 kg of seafood and seafoods

a€? 500 gm of caviar

a€? 20 kg for honey and glucose items

a€? 5 kg for natural herbs and spices including white vinegar, orange blossom h2o and rose-water

a€? 500 gm of saffron

a€? 10 kg of special-purpose dishes like kids food is permitted

a€? 20 litres of products and syrups such as water

a€? 5 kg of juices focuses

a€? 25 kg of processed items.


The UAE federal government suggests visitors are higher careful of attracting certain types of medicine to the UAE. Some medications off their nations could consist of materials which happen to be banned for the UAE, which could resulted in arrest of these holding them.

Dubai practices mentioned it has got agreements making use of Ministry of Health and reduction (MoHAP) to permit passengers to transport medications indicated for over three months. But people need certainly to fulfill particular standards.

a€?Passengers needs to have a prescription from an official medical center or a health care professional that clearly mentions the treatment plus the wellness position regarding the passenger. Medication should always be kept in their particular earliest bins and presentation and expiry dates ought to be obvious on it.a€?

Customs authorities within the UAE frequently update the menu of medicine blocked for the UAE. Folks going to the UAE must inspect their particular sites before visiting search their medicinea€™s term.