The Laws of Ethics for Professional Coaches Expression

The Laws of Ethics for Professional Coaches Expression

Mrs. Jenny San Jose are a unique teacher in Malaban state High School. The institution try scheduled to hold its researching Camp on a Saturday. In accordance with this task, Mrs. Josie Rivera, the school principal, guided the professors to wait and help the organizers to improve the big event.

Mrs. San Jose who’s signed up for a grasp’s degree program updated the main that she cannot enable it to be for she must go to this lady Saturday hater web lessons.

Situation 4

Mrs. Anna Lee A. Amores cannot wish her student called Joel to get the highest honor awardee but she prefers Leonard, another pupil to have the acceptance. So that you can make sure that Leonard will have the greatest honor award, she offered Joel lower grades in recitation and in overall performance activities. Is-it right to promote Joel reduced levels only to render Leonard the awardee?

Case 5

Mr. Mario B. Reyes might training going back 15 years. Everytime their major would query him to attend classes, he would always decline and would ask another teacher to wait the said instruction. Is this best?


Now that you are performed reading and examining the different conditions and reports specified for the signal of Ethics for expert Educators, you’re requested to talk about the ideas targeting the training you gained with this program and at the same time frame, additional information which you thought are needed to comprehend concerning the signal of Ethics.


agree my self to adhere to the signal of Ethics, that may serve as my personal guidelines in anything I do during the services of my personal job.

Learning the next circumstances. Pick the best choice by getting a regarding area given to each possibility. Clarify the answer.

Situation number 1

Are you noted for their integrity and credibility, Mr. Elbert R. Tolentino might helping as part of the panel of Election Canvassers for the past several years. However, within the impending elections, their mother would be working as barangay captain. Due to this fact, he is questioned to promotion for her. Would it be alright for him to venture for his mom’s candidacy? Explain your own response.

Situation no. 2

Mr. po, that has been teaching for the past twenty five years, would not sign up for an essential summit in Mindanao. Whenever he is questioned of the principal to go to these types of a hobby, the guy usually needs a new teacher to wait. As a specialist instructor, will it be to reveal refusal in attending seminars.

Situation #3

Ms. flower Q. Reyes posted two-piece swimwear picture of herself within her Twitter web page. She was given negative comments through the area and stakeholders. Ms. Reyes justified that she’s the authority to send anything on her myspace levels as it was actually this lady personal account. Is it suitable for Mrs. Reyes to do these?

Situation number 4

During barangay fiesta, Mr. Ben Y. Maya is specified because the fiesta directorate chairman. Due to their ability, he approved the task willingly even without the honorarium. He facilitated culture-based activities that produced their particular barangay fiesta a substantial one. Will it be alright for Mr. Maya to not receive any payment for their solutions rendered since this might be a precedent for succeeding activity coordinator?

Situation number 5

Mrs. Dae P. Habalo, of Sibulan National senior high school would not admit a student for not-being a citizen on the said barangay the spot where the college is based. Will it be right for the woman to do so?

Situation no. 6

Typically, a civic procession are presented with school participating during independency time. All teachers and pupils are required to attend. Each one of Mrs. Katherine Y. Sedillo’s pupils include thrilled to become listed on the mentioned procession but she decided not to join them considering personal reasons and just asked the president regarding the lessons to test the attendants of their classmates. Will be the choice of Mrs. Sedillo maybe not accountable for untoward event to occur with the youngsters?